- Migration Theory of fish.

- Structure types:

  • Point Bar
  • Underwater Hump
  • Channel
  • Man Made

- Understanding Breaks & Breaklines

- How to establish trolling patterns.

- Structure Fishing Definitions


Buck Perry is considered the grand-daddy of the concept of "Structure Fishing" having coined this term during the 1950's. He's the first fisherman to describe the use of underwater features to locate fish. These ideas incorporated below use his concepts to help identify these structural locations.

The home of the fish is deep water, where the fish are dormant and very difficult to catch. Periodically, the fish becomes active, and move toward the shallows (food source) using underwater structure as a guide. These bottom features, which go all the way from the deep water to the shallow water, act as submerged highways for the fish during their movement. If we desire to catch fish consistently, we must be able to use these structural features as a guide to the location of the fish.

During migration on structure, the fish will stop and hesitate at breaks and breaklines located on structure. We must identify these breaks and breaklines to pinpoint the exact location of the fish. We then present our lures on structure at the correct depth and speed to catch the fish. How far the fish migrate toward the shallows and how long they stay there is dependent on weather and water conditions.

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