Types of Rock Reefs- (from poor to excellent):

  1. Solid Rock - Little Rubble.
  2. Small rock of the same size-cobbler type. No spaces between rock.
  3. Rock with undercuts & some rubble.
  4. Rock Rubble - softball to Auto size. Excellent spaces between rocks.

Requirements fo Good Rock Reef Structure.

  1. Rock rubble is found in large spaces between the rocks - Plenty of room for fish & small organisms to hide.
  2. Rock Reef covers a large area of shallow water (less than 15' deep.)
  3. Rock Reef is adjacent to deep water.

Rock Reefs are important to identify:

  1. Rock Reefs, if found in shallow water, are potential food sources.
  2. Fish use Rock Reefs for saftey to hide from other predators.
  3. Rock Reefs can provide a natural migration route from deep water to the shallow food sources.

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