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Fishing Map: Feather River / American River - UPDATED APRIL 2020

price: $10.95
Fishing Map Features
  • Contours:
  • Scale: 1:40,000 / 1:40,000
  • GPS Data: Yes
  • Water Type: Fresh
  • Region/State(s): Northern California
  • Price: $10.95
  • UPC: 761428 082763
Notes on this fishing map

Updated April 2020

Additions and Improvements to Fish-n-Map Company’s Feather River/American River map

• Updated outline of both rivers

• Updated fishing access areas along both rivers

• Added fish habitat including:
o Weedbeds
o River “Riffles”
o River “Holes”

• Updated Fishing Strategy and Fishing Suggestions

• Added shallow shoal areas

• Updated facilities and roads

• Added an additional color to the map – green


3'X 2', 2-sided map, folds to 9" x 4"
Printed on a waterproof, tear-resistant material
River Access Identified
Fishing Locations and Fishing Strategy Provided
Submerged weedbeds, shallow shoals, riffles and holes identified along both the American and Feather Rivers
Numerous GPS Coordinates identified
Latitude and Longitude Grids Provided
Boat ramps, campgrounds and facilities identified