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Fishing Map:Willamette River, Clackamas River, Sandy River - UPDATED JANUARY 2022

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Fishing Map Features
  • Contours:
  • Scale:1:30,000
  • GPS Data:Yes
  • Water Type:Fresh
  • Region/State(s):Oregon
  • Price: $14.95
  • UPC:761428 092120
Notes on this fishing map


Redid the outline of the rivers where needed - especially the Clackamas River
Added fish habitat: River holes, river riffles, shoals, and rocky reefs
Updated GPS coordinates as needed
Updated boat ramps and other onshore facilities including telephone numbers
Checked, added or removed power lines, piers, piles, snags, and fallen timber, etc.
Added onshore trees and brush
Added a third color - green

Underwater depths identified on the Willamette River
Fish Habitat Identified: Rock Rubble Reefs, Submerged Timber, Snags, and River Holes plus Riffles
Fishing Locations and Fishing Strategy Included
Latitude and Longitude Grids provided along with numerous GPS Coordinates
Navigational Aids Shown including buoys, lights, shallow shoals, piles and snags
Boat ramps, roads, campgrounds and facilities identified
River access areas shown
2-Sided map printed onto a waterproof, tear-resistant plastic which folds to 9" x 4" and unfolds to 2' x 3'

Designed and printed in the U.S.A.