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Fishing Map:Diamond Valley/Silverwood/Perris/Skinner - UPDATED JANUARY 2022

price: $14.95
Fishing Map Features
  • Contours:10'
  • Scale:1:6,700 / 1:12,000 / 1:12,000
  • GPS Data:Yes
  • Water Type:Fresh
  • Region/State(s):Southern California
  • Price: $14.95
  • UPC:761428 042163
Notes on this fishing map


Added Diamond Valley to the Silverwood/Perris/Skinner map; hence four lakes on one map
Added fish habitats to all four lakes: Rock rubble reefs, submerged brush, weedbeds and tules
Added artificial habitat for Lake Perris, Diamond Valley and Silverwood. GPS locations provided
New Fishing Strategy and suggested fishing locations for all four lakes, especially Diamond Valley.
Added a complete list of GPS locations for both Silverwood Lake and Lake Perris, including GPS locations for the artificial habitat in Lake Perris
Lake Skinner increased in size by 120% of previous version
Upgraded roads, facilities and outline of all four lakes
Changed Diamond Valley from a 1-color map to a 3-color map
Added a new color, green, to all four lakes
Added onshore trees and brush for all four lakes

10-foot underwater depth contours
Natural and artificial habitats identified: Rock rubble reefs, submerged brush and weedbeds, tules, artificial rockpiles, gravel spawning beds, and brush bundles
Fishing locations and Fishing Strategy included
Numerous GPS Coordinates identified. Latitude and longitude grids included
Boat ramps, roads, campgrounds and facilities identified
Printed onto a waterproof, tear-resistant plastic
2-Sided map folds to 9" x 4", and unfolds to 3' x 2'

Designed and printed in the U.S.A.