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Fishing Map:Delta - Suisun Bay, Sacramento & San Joaquin Rivers - UPDATED AUGUST 2019

Underwater Topography Map
price: $14.95
Fishing Map Features
  • Contours:10'
  • Scale:1:65,500 / Big Break 1:20,000 / Sacramento R North 1:100,000
  • GPS Data:Yes
  • Water Type:Both
  • Region/State(s):Northern California
  • Price: $14.95
  • UPC:761428 082688
Notes on this fishing map

Additions and Improvements to Fish-n-Map Company’s The Delta map, UPC #761428 082688, Updated August 2019

• Updated the outline of the water boundaries and weedbeds in the Big Break area
• Added fish habitat including submerged weedbeds throughout the Delta/Suisan Bay areas
• Added submerged brush
• Updated fishing suggestions where necessary
• Added onshore brush and tules
• Updated facilities and roads
• Now a 3-color map

2017 Updates:

Scaled using NAD 83 for Datum
Facilities Updated


10 Foot Underwater Depth Contours
Fish Holding Tule Plants & Brush Identified
Fishing Suggestions
Fishing Locations with over 100 GPS coordinates provided
Fishing Strategy
Big Break Detail
Navigational Aids Identified incl. Buoys, Lights, Longitude and Latitude
Boat Ramps, Roads, Campgrounds & Facilities Identified

This 2-sided map is printed onto a waterproof and tear-resistant material which folds to 9"x4" and unfolds to 3'x2'