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Fishing Map:Golden Gate Offshore / Monterey Bay / Farallon Isls - UPDATED JANUARY 2022

Bodega Bay to Pt. Sur
price: $14.95
Fishing Map Features
  • Contours:10'
  • Scale:1:135,000 / 1:50,000 for insets 1,2,3,6 / 1:57,500 for insets 4,5
  • GPS Data:Yes
  • Water Type:Salt
  • Region/State(s):Northern California
  • Price: $14.95
  • UPC:761428 081278
Notes on this fishing map

Added fish habitat: Offshore rocky reefs, shallow weedbeds, kelp beds highlighted
Added offshore rocky bottom conditions along the entire coast
Added additional longitude and latitude grids to the detail areas of Bodega Bay
All new GPS locations identified, especially for the new offshore rocky reefs
All fishing suggestions upgraded
More geographic names added to the chart
Upgraded facilities and telephone numbers, added facilities including beaches
Onshore trees and brush added
An additional color, green was added to the chart

10-foot Underwater Depth Contours for easy structure identification

Fish Habitats Identified including rock reefs and kelp beds
Wrecks and Obstructions Identified
Multiple Fishing Suggestions with GPS Coordinates Provided
Detailed Areas Shown for Duxbury Reef (Double Pt. through Rocky Pt.), Golden Gate (Muir Beach to Seal Rock), Half Moon Bay (Pt. Montara to Miramontes), Santa Cruz (Terrace Pt. to Seacliff Beach), Monterey (Monterey Harbor to Pt. Lobos), Bodega Bay
Navigational Aids Identified including Buoys Lights, Longitude and Latitude Grids
Boat Ramps and Marina Facilities Identified
Waterproof, Tear resistant
Folds to 9"x4",Unfolds to 3'x2'