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Fishing Map:Columbia River, Upper (McNary Dam to Bonneville Dam) - UPDATED JUNE 2021

Underwater Topography Map
price: $14.95
Fishing Map Features
  • Contours:10'
  • Scale:1:45,450
  • GPS Data:Yes
  • Water Type:Fresh
  • Region/State(s):Oregon, Washington
  • Price: $14.95
  • UPC:761428 092083
Notes on this fishing map

Updated outline of river and shallow shoals
Updated and improved roads and facilities including the boat ramp listings
Added submerged weedbeds for the river
Updated fishing locations and added fishing strategies for Lake Celilo, Lake Umatilla, and the Bonneville Pool
Added onshore trees and brush
Added an additional color - green

10 foot underwater depth contours
Underwater features identified including submerged roadbeds, railroad tracks and railroad beds, wrecks
Underwater bottom conditions identified: sand, rocky, mud
Latitude and longitude grids with over 100 GPS coordinates identified
GPS Quick Scaler
Numerous Fish Locations shown throughout chart
Fishing Strategies provided
Boat ramps, roads, marinas and boat moorage facilities identified
Waterproof and Tear-resistant plastic, folds to 9”x4”, unfolds to 3’x2’, 2-sided chart
Made in the U.S.A. by a Fisherman for Fishermen and Other Water Enthusiasts