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Fishing Map:Spinney / Antero / Rampart / Tarryall - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

price: $16
Fishing Map Features
  • Contours:5' & 10'
  • Scale:1:9,900 / 1:12,400 / 1:8,550 / 1:13,400
  • GPS Data:Partial
  • Water Type:Fresh
  • Region/State(s):Colorado
  • Price: $16
  • UPC:761428 012401
Notes on this fishing map

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK. BACKORDERS ACCEPTED. Price includes Colorado State Sales and Local Tax
Additions/Improvements to Fish-n-Map Company’s Spinney Mtn., Antero, Rampart and Tarryall Reservoirs map Updated February 2019

• Added additional fish habitat including weeds to surface, weeds which do not grow to surface and no-growth weed areas to Spinney Mountain Reservoir, Antero Reservoir and Tarryall Reservoir
• Increased size of Antero Reservoir by 115%
• Updated fishing strategy for Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Antero Reservoir
• Updated fish locations for Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Antero Reservoir
• Added GPS quick scaler to Spinney Mountain Reservoir
• Added a third color to the map (green)

4 Lakes on one map
Printed onto a waterproof, tear-resistant plastic
Folds to 9" x 4", unfolded 3' x 2'
Fishing Locations and Fishing Strategies provided
Numerous GPS coordinates identified and latitude and longitude grids provided for Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Antero Reservoir
Underwater depth contours provided
Submerged weedbeds,underwater channels and roadbeds identified